About us

Holy Hiatus is a not-for-profit organisation based in West Wales exploring how ritual can be used creatively and therapeutically to engage with people, places and communities.

We offer a year round programme of events, discussions, workshops and screenings that connect to the seasonal year.

Holy Hiatus aims to:

• Create opportunities for creative artists of different disciplines who work with themes of ritual and community to develop projects in West Wales

• Engage sensitively with places and communities through listening, dialogue and discussion

• Create opportunities for people from all backgrounds interested in the themes of ritual and community to engage in open discussions and exchange of ideas and experiences

• Bring creative practitioners and thinkers from a range of disciplines based in the UK and from International locations to West Wales to share their knowledge and experience through creative projects, talks and workshops

• Maintain an online archive and resource for anyone interested in these themes

Holy Hiatus has no religious or political affiliation and respects the cultural and spiritual values of all participants.

Sefydliad dielw yng Ngorllewin Cymru yw Holy Hiatus sy’n archwilio sut gellir defnyddio’r defodol yn greadigol ac yn therapiwtig i gysylltu â phobl, lleoedd a chymunedau.

Cynigiwn raglen o ddigwyddiadau, trafodaethau, gweithdai a dangosiadau drwy’r flwyddyn sy’n cysylltu â’r flwyddyn dymhorol.

Nod Holy Hiatus yw:

• Creu cyfleoedd i arlunwyr creadigol o wahanol ddisgyblaethau sy’n gweithio gyda themâu defodol a chymunedol i ddatblygu prosiectau yng Ngorllewin Cymru

• Cysylltu’n sensitif gyda lleoedd a chymunedau trwy wrando, deialog a thrafod

• Creu cyfleoedd i bobl o bob cefndir a chanddynt ddiddordeb mewn themâu defodol a chymunedol i gymryd rhan mewn trafodaethau agored a chyfnewid syniadau a phrofiadau

• Dod ag ymarferwyr a meddylwyr creadigol o ystod o ddisgyblaethau yn y DU ac o bedwar ban byd i Orllewin Cymru i rannu eu gwybodaeth a’u profiad trwy brosiectau creadigol, sgyrsiau a gweithdai

• Cynnal archif ac adnodd ar-lein i unrhyw un sydd â diddordeb yn y themâu hyn

Nid oes gan Holy Hiatus unrhyw gysylltiad crefyddol na gwleidyddol ac mae’n parchu gwerthoedd diwylliannol ac ysbrydol pob cyfranogwr.


Ruth Jones is a visual artist living in Pembrokeshire. Rural places are often the starting point to create physical or psychological spaces where threshold or liminal experiences can occur for audiences. Her film installations and events use ritual patterns to draw the viewer into a contemplation of place, presence and the human and inhuman rhythms that influence our experiences of places we inhabit.

Ruth has exhibited widely in the UK, and internationally in Ireland, Poland, USA, Spain and Quebec. Projects include sleepers 2006, film and public art project, Cardigan; Vigil 2009, a video installation about Strumble Head lighthouse, Chwarel 2010, a video installation exploring the disused quarries at Porthgain, Pembrokeshire and Partus 2015 a collaboration with electronic composer and sound designer Andy Wheddon.

Ruth has taught widely in Universities in England, Ireland and Wales including University of Ulster, Belfast, University of West of England, Bristol, and University of Glamorgan, Cardiff. She has also published a number of books, essays and articles

Jolette Le Roux (biography pending)

Banner photo: Ben Stammers