KITH screening Theatr Gwaun


familiar country, place that one knows, kinsfolk, relations. 

KITH is a short film directed by Ruth Jones produced by Holy Hiatus. It features movement artist Indigo Tarran and spoken word by fourteen participants based in West Wales. It allow access to the usually private realm of domestic and internal worlds; spaces where joy, claustrophobia, bonds, chaos, love, crisis and loss sit side by side.

It was screened at Theatr Gwaun on 14th December 2022. The screening was followed by a Q&A with director Ruth Jones and movement artist Indigo Tarran. There was an open mic poetry reading session on the themes of family, place, home, longing and belonging, music from Lorna Osbon and storytelling by Ceri Phillips.

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Audience responses to the screening event:

The whole evening worked so well. It was sheer delight to have such a professional, well managed and memorable event. There was a stratospheric feeling about it taking a small theatre into the big league of the Arts in the UK.

A very enjoyable event, professionally delivered and high quality performances from the poets, musicians and storyteller. It was good to have the Q&A session too.

I would definitely like to see more of this type of event.

It was great to have the q&a in order to hear more about the project as well as hear from the audience about their thoughts and ideas. I felt a sense of pride from the people who had participated which was really nice as it felt really important to them. The poetry readings were lovely and the violin was amazing. The storytelling was also really cool and again felt very welsh. I feel like poetry music and storytelling is a big part of welsh culture and I would love to see more events like this especially for children as well and especially telling welsh stories.

Wonderful event, great mix of film music poetry and story telling