Big Flock 2019

Get ready for Big Flock 2019! Last year’s flock was so wonderful, uplifting and energising and we had such lovely feedback from people who took part, that we’ve decided to make this an annual event. If you want to be part of this year’s flock, it’s on Thursday 25th April 4-5 pm Newgale Beach. It costs £2.50 per person, £1 of which goes to RSPB. Please book ahead, so we know how many people to expect.

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Here’s some feedback from last year:

“I just wanted to say how much I loved today. What an amazing experience. I found it truly transformative, a really meditative experience being within the swirl of others all moving, swirling around with glimpses out to sea with the sun sparkling on the waves and along the beach with that magical haze. And such a sense of community and camaraderie amongst the dancers

So brilliant! One of the loveliest things I’ve done for ages! Thank you”

“It was such a beautiful day and I remember it fondly. It was a real privilege to feel part of a flock, flowing and moving and dancing about on the sands”

“A magical opportunity to gather as a flock with friends, strangers, birds of a feather. To soar across the beach and weave around others, making shapes and patterns, laughing!”

If getting deeper into outdoor movement appeals to you, consider joining Zosia Jo and the Joon Dance team for 2 days of outdoor movement and dance for Spring Gather. For more information and booking click here

And here’s the film we made: